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Let's start with who you are and what you do?

My name is Nicole Patterson and I am the owner of Mane Temptation, an all-natural handcrafted hair care line and high-quality, 100 percent human hair extensions provider. With a background in sports medicine, I believe in whole-body wellness, including having access to ingredients that allow for healthy hair. I seek to motivate and empower men and women to look and feel their best from head to toe, assist their hair needs, nourish their hair interests, and equip them with knowledge and tools for a wonderful hair experience!

How old were you when you started your business? Where were you and what was your situation financially?

I was about 20 when I started my business, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was about 23. I was either a sophomore or junior at Baylor University majoring in athletic training. I lived in a house with a few other students and worked as an athletic trainer for my university. At the time, I was taking 18 credit hours and working crazy hours, coming in before the athletes and leaving after them.

What was the catalyst that made you take the plunge into this industry?

I saw a need and decided to roll with it. I initially started selling hair extensions to earn extra money and later on, I decided to start making my own hair care products because I wanted a more cost-effective way to take care of my hair. It started off as a hobby but soon friends and family members would see my hair and ask what I used so I decided to start selling products.

The following year after I decided to start selling products, I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease which is an autoimmune disease that causes hyperthyroidism. After taking the prescribed medication, my levels still had not dropped so the doctor prescribed more medicine; however, I am not the best with remembering to take a daily pill. At this point, I decided to take my health a bit more seriously by being mindful of what I put in my body and used on my hair. That was the turning point of where I decided to use only my products on my hair and provide the same opportunity to others.

Tell us the story of your first legit customer (that is a stranger, someone you don’t know). How did you find them, and what do you attribute as the reason why they chose to work with you?

My first customer was actually a friend who also has natural hair. She has always supported my endeavors and was actually looking for all-natural hair care products. After trying it, she loved it and even started telling others about my products. She’s still a loyal customer.

Tell us the first 5 steps you took to make this dream career your reality.

1. I noticed there was a need. I couldn’t find products that wouldn’t dry my hair out and realized others may have the same issue.

2. I researched to look for and create a solution for that need.

3. I planned and tested out all of my products.

4. I started a website to take sales.

5. Lastly, which is really important, I addressed what I wanted my brand to look like.

Now that we have the 5 steps, is there anything you would say was a hurdle to you getting started that someone in your field may want to avoid?

I believe your mindset and your expectations will always be your biggest hurdle. Just wanting everything to be “big” when you first start and wanting the end result in the beginning, that’s not realistic. We have to realize the beginning of our journey is the developmental stage. We have to build it to be the end result that we want.

What sets you apart from others as a hair care company?

Mane Temptation isn’t something I threw together because I wanted money. I truly believe in whole body wellness and the idea that proper hair care is health care. What you use in your hair can be absorbed through your scalp and into your bloodstream. As a result, we are very intentional about the ingredients used in our products and how we care for our customers. One of our main goals is to educate our customers about what goes into having healthy hair, which can in turn lead to a healthy body.

For future customers, how can we connect with you?

Phone number: 832.314.4288

Website: WWW.ManeTemptation.com

Check out the blog where you can learn more hair care tips!


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